Is HelloFresh Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, HelloFresh is good for weight loss is the short answer. All HelloFresh meals are evaluated by a dietician to ensure nutritional value and the calorie count per meal helps those who are on the lookout for their calorie intake manage the number of calories consumed per day.

If you’re not convinced yet that you should try HelloFresh on your weight loss journey, then continue reading below for more helpful information.

About HelloFresh

About Hello Fresh

HelloFresh offers a meal delivery service that delivers meal kits containing easy-to-follow recipes and all the necessary ingredients to make a delicious and healthy meal right to your door.

How HelloFresh Can Help with Weight Loss

Does HelloFresh help lose weight? The answer is yes. The first way HelloFresh can help with weight loss is by making it easier for you to cook at home and eat healthy meals through low-calorie meal kits.

Meal kit delivery services like HelloFresh take away the stress of having to grocery shop and meal plan because they do it all for you. All you have to do is choose the recipes you want to cook, and they will send you everything you need to make it happen.

Another way HelloFresh can help with weight loss is by providing healthy and nutritious meals that are portioned and controlled. This means that you won’t be overeating, and you’ll be getting the right amount of nutrients your body needs.

Lastly, HelloFresh can help with weight loss by teaching you how to cook healthy meals. If you don’t know how to cook, or if you’re not sure what ingredients go well together, then meal delivery services like HelloFresh can conveniently help you prepare delicious and healthy food.

How to Sign up and Access Meal Plans for Weight Loss

Signing up and accessing the available meal plans can also be done in a breeze. You can go to the HelloFresh meal plan age, pick your preference, and have the meals delivered to your door. But to give you an overview, the following are the steps that you have to do to access the weight-loss-friendly meals of Hello Fresh:

  1. Go to HelloFresh Meal Plan Page
  2. Customize your Plan to match your fitness needs, the plans are family-friendly too.
  3. Click Select Plan.
  4. Register for an account. You can use your email account or Facebook account to register.
  5. Update your address.
  6. Enter your payment details.
  7. Choose from a wide selection of meals for up to 30+ recipes per week.
  8. Get your delivery of HelloFresh box each week with fresh ingredients and easy-to-prepare nutritious meals

HelloFresh Meal Selection for Weight Loss

When you select a plan for your weight low-calorie meal kits, there are several low-calorie foods for losing weight offered by HelloFresh. These low-calorie meals are categorized into different types as follows:

Calorie Smart

Fit & Wholesome Meal Kit contains calorie-smart meals with about 650 or fewer calories per meal, perfect for those who are into counting calories to lose weight.

Meat & Veggies

Meat & Veggies prepared meals as the name suggests contain a variety of meats and vegetables to choose from and are great options for those looking to lose weight but not sacrifice eating delicious meat cuts.


Veggie pre-portioned ingredients mainly contain vegetables that every vegetarian will love.


The Family-Friendly meal delivery service option has kid-approved options that can cater to everyone in the family. The meals especially for parents who are working during weekdays give that extra help in making weeknight dinners easy and even the whole family can participate in cooking.

Quick and Easy

Quick and easy is an amazing option for those who are always busy. Home-cooked meal from this preference has easy to follow steps and has an estimated prep time of 30 minutes or less to cook.


This option is for those who are following a healthy lifestyle diet with seafood as the primary protein for meal planning and without other animal proteins.

HelloFresh Ingredients

HelloFresh Meal delivery for your weight loss plan only has the freshest and top-quality ingredients delivered to you. You won’t have to go through the painful grocery shopping and picking ingredients for fear that the ingredients are safe for healthy eating.

HelloFresh Meal Kit Prices

So how much will it cost you to enjoy cooking one of HelloFresh’s low-calorie meals? The following are the starting prices per person for each meal:

  • Calorie Smart – Starts at $7.24 per serving
  • Meat & Veggies – Starts at $7.24 per serving
  • Veggie – Starts at $7.24 per serving
  • Quick and Easy -Starts at $7.24 per serving
  • Family-Friendly – Starts at $7.24 per serving
  • Pescatarian – Starts at $7.24 per serving

The cost per meal might be quite expensive for some but the high-quality ingredients and well-thought healthy recipe cards from HelloFresh meal delivery service makes every dollar spent worth it.

Shipping and Delivery

HelloFresh meal kits are delivered every week. The order delivery day is typically after 1-2 days of order and in insulated boxes to keep the ingredients at their freshest state. Ingredients are packed in paper bags except for meats which are with ice packs and separated with cardboard from the rest of the ingredients.

Why Choose HelloFresh for Weight Loss

Why Choose Hello Fresh for Weight Loss

Now let’s go ahead and take a look at the key reasons why HelloFresh can help you to lose weight without sacrificing your health.

Dietitian Approved Recipes with Calorie Count Information

The first reason why HelloFresh is a top choice meal delivery service not just for weight loss meals but also for daily recipes for your family is that the meals are dietitian-approved with the highest nutritional value in mind. The recipes also come with calorie counts information so you can be more mindful of what you’re eating and how it can affect your weight loss goals.

More Food Choices

Living a healthy lifestyle and with weight loss in mind, you might be restricted when it comes to food choices. With HelloFresh meals, there are a wide array of choices that will help ease your worry if the food choices that you have is diet friendly or if you’re getting you’re needed nutrition.

Easy to Prepare Meals

Working and planning on your weight loss diet can become a burden. HelloFresh takes that extra work and gives you more free time by preparing the meals for you. You just have to follow the simple steps on the recipe card and in no time, you’ll have a delicious and healthy meal ready.

Delicious and Satisfying Meals

The top reason why people fail in their weight loss journey is they get too hungry and crave unhealthy foods because the diet meals that they’re eating are bland and not satisfying. With HelloFresh, you won’t have to worry about that as the meals are not only healthy but also delicious and filling.

Flexible Meal Plans that You Can Customize

Another reason to choose HelloFresh is that the meal plans are flexible and can be customized according to your preferences. If you want to change your plan or cancel your subscription, you can do so easily without any penalties.

You Can Skip Weeks If You’re Not Home

If you’re planning to go on a vacation or you know ahead of time that you won’t be home for a few weeks, you can simply put your account on hold and no meal will be delivered to you during that time. This is a great feature because you’re not forced to eat the meals even when you’re not home and you won’t have to worry about them going to waste.

Get Fresh and Seasonal Ingredients Delivered to Your Doorstep

Another great thing about HelloFresh is that you can be assured that you’re getting fresh and seasonal ingredients delivered to your doorstep. This is important because you want to make sure that you’re eating healthy meals that are not only delicious but also nutritious.

Affordable Prices for the Quality of Ingredients Offered

One of the best things about HelloFresh is that they offer affordable prices for the quality of ingredients offered. If you compare HelloFresh with other meal delivery services, you’ll see that they are one of the most affordable options out there.

Reusable Packaging Materials

HelloFresh is also known for their environmental-friendly practices and this includes using reusable packaging materials. The packaging materials can be used to store your leftovers or you can use them to pack your lunch for work.

How to Effectively Use HelloFresh Meal Plan for Weight Loss

How to Effectively Use Hello Fresh Meal Plan for Weight Loss

If you’re planning to lose weight with HelloFresh recipes, there are additional steps that you can take to go hand in hand with your calorie counts. The following are the steps to effectively use HelloFresh Meal plan especially if you’re pretty weight-loss conscious:

  1. Determine the calorie count your body needs every day.
  2. Plan on the safest calorie deficit.
  3. Subtract your HelloFresh Meal Calorie Count from your Total Daily Calorie Need.
  4. Portion control for your meals in line with your calorie plan.
  5. Choose cooking recipes that are rich in protein and fiber.
  6. Make sure to cook your food properly.
  7. Eat mindfully and savor every bite of Hello Fresh low-calorie meals

Who is HelloFresh Best for?

Who is Hello Fresh Best for?

You might be wondering if HelloFresh meals can be for everybody. The answer is almost everybody except for those who are looking for a gluten-free or strict vegan diet.

The meal delivery service is best for those who are counting their calories, families with picky eaters, those who want to learn how to cook, and those who want to have fast and easy meal preparation.


HelloFresh is a fantastic weight loss partner, especially for those who are counting their calories. The easy-to-prepare meals have their calories counted so those on a healthy diet can be on track where they are at on their calorie intake for the day.

There are different types of meals too that cater to different diet approaches so anyone can find something to eat to their liking with the highest nutrition evaluated by a staff dietitian.

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